Management Board meets in Amsterdam: Top Results and Hip Hop

Every two months, our Management Board meets to discuss business results and review future opportunities. Recently, our Board met in Amsterdam, which was one of first five cities in the world to experience Tranquini. Results after the first months of 2016 are in line with the plans for all regions. As well as talking business, the Board related their personal Flow experiences, sharing situations where they feel in a Flow state. And of course, there was time for active relaxation ? a hip-hop dance class, followed by a walk though a traditional Dutch market.

Hip-hop dancing isn?t the first thing you?d think of at a Management Board meeting but perhaps more businesses should! After a long but productive meeting discussing our first-quarter results, there?s nothing better than relaxing with my team. Success should be inspirational and fun ? and our experiences in Amsterdam were certainly that!

Chris Dorsey, Creative Director.

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